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An Outstanding Copper Project in a Tier-1 Jurisdiction

Stavely Minerals (ASX: SVY) company profile

Stavely Minerals Limited (ASX: SVY) is a mineral resource company currently focused on the exploration and development of the Stavely copper-gold-silver project in western Victoria. Discovered in Sep 2019, the Cayley Lode shows some strong similarities with the Butte (Montana) and Magma (Arizona) deposits. 

The key elements of SVY current strategy are as follows:

  1. Explore/drill the strike and down-plunge extensions of the Cayley Lode (and other lodes) as well as untested new targets
  2. Continue the mineral resource definition drilling on the Cayley Lode in two phases:
  • Phase 1: open pit mineral resource (0-200m)
  • Phase 2: mineral resource on lodes extent at depth

3. Progress development studies based on a growing mineral resource inventory

4. Pursue exploration for a porphyry copper deposit at depth

If successful, the key outcomes will be:

  1. Globally significant copper project based on the Cayley Lode alone, potentially a world class deposit when the underlying porphyry copper source is found
  2. High value asset in a context of increasing copper demand, due to electric vehicle/green energy technological disruption
  3. Company maker and/or take-over target by mid-cap or major


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