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Terra Studio helps mineral resource companies get market recognition for the value of their project. Our research and analysis includes extensive use of benchmarking to highlight the key competitive advantages of the project. The results can take the form of a set of charts and diagrams to integrate in the company's promotional material such as corporate presentation and website, or it can be part of a comprehensive research report.

Nickel Market Analysis - November 2019 Update (2nd Edition)

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Silver market analysis

4th Oct 2019 - news article by S&P 

3rd Oct 2019 - audio/video recording

28 Sep 2019 - document: Brief silver market review and how to get exposure on the ASX?

Latest presentation

What is the investment thesis for nickel? Presentation delivered at Energy, Mines and Money conference on 13th June 2019 in Brisbane.


Base Metals (Copper, Lead, Manganese, Tin, Zinc)

Battery Metals (Cobalt, Graphite, HPA, Lithium, Nickel) and Energy

Precious Metals

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