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JF has more than 35 years experience in the mineral resources industry in various capacities: exploration, mining software development, mineral resource estimation, technical due diligence, debt project finance and equity research. 

In 2014, he founded Terra Studio, a consulting firm to assist junior and mid-cap companies get better market recognition through research and comparative analysis. 

Terra Studio specialises in benchmarking project data to extract value for its clients. 

By highlighting the competitive advantages of a project against its peers, all the odds are in the company’s favour for share price appreciation.


Over his career Jean-François has undertaken technical due diligence, financial modelling and analysis on behalf of large investment banks for the provision of both debt and equity to junior, mid-cap and major resource companies. 

His experience also includes corporate advisory, mergers & acquisitions and equity research.
Prior to joining the finance industry in 2000, Jean-François worked in New Caledonia, Australia and Chile in grass root exploration, mine development, resource estimation and financial evaluation of mining projects throughout the world. 

Jean-François has a wide range of commodity experience including precious metals, base metals, iron ore, coal and specialty metals such as lithium.

Qualifications & Memberships

  • Ecole d'Ingénieur Polytechnique, Orléans, France (Geological Engineering)
  • Graduate Diploma of Applied Finance and Investment Securities Institute, Sydney
  • Graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors
  • Member of the Australasian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy
  • Member of French-Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Sydney
  • More details can be found on LinkedIn 

Our services

Our services are customised to your company and project needs.



Terra Studio's first home office has been equipped with a photovoltaic (PV) system since 2011. To date it has produced in excess of 62 MWh and is ranked in the top 10 solar systems in the Sydney area in terms of both output and efficiency (according to data from 

Terra Studio's new home office in Red Head is currently evaluating options for the installation of a new PV system including a battery for energy storage.


As most work is undertaken and delivered digitally, printing is extremely limited (less than 250 A4 sheets per year). All paper is recycled and printing cartridges are disposed of at the specific bins at OfficeWorks.

Digital waste

Email boxes and out of date files are regularly cleaned out, with the effect of reducing data held on servers. Hardware such as computer monitors, personal computers and cables, is either on-sold (or given away), returned to Apple for recycling, or disposed of at Kimbriki.

Free Offer to any Listed Mineral Resource Company

If you think that you deserves better than a fuzzy image of your company share price in your corporate presentation, do not hesitate to contact Terra Studio.
Terra Studio offers free share price and trading volume charts edited to fit your corporate format to any listed company on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX), London Stock Exchange (AIM/LSE) or Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX/TVX).

Terra Studio supports

You Can't Get Blood Out of a Stone

As a long time plasma and platelets donor, I have set up a Red25 group called "You Can't Get Blood Out of a Stone". 

What is Red25?
Red25 is the name of the group donation program facilitated by the Australian Red Cross Blood Service.

The Australian Red Cross Blood Service is confident that 100% of required donations will be met by the Australian community, however they’re asking that 25% of these come from groups like this one, making Red25 and its members the core contributors of Australia’s blood supply. More specifically, making Red25’s members part of one of the most important Corporate Social Responsibility brands in Australia.

August 2020 tally update

How to join?

If you are an existing blood, plasma and/or platelets donor and you are working in or servicing the mineral resources sector, I invite you to join You Can't Get Blood Out of a Stone
All the details to join are in the PDF document accessible below.
If you wish to start donating blood and join the group, please visit
Every donation you make from the time you register goes onto You Can't Get Blood Out of a Stone tally.

Breathless Expedition, Guthega, NSW

This 9mn video clip is a snapshot of an awesome expedition and human experience in the wilderness of the Snowy Mountains, Australia, I had the chance to participate in (3rd-5th July 2020).

Video credit to Magnetic Vision

Full Moon Expedition - 10 Peaks in 4 days

Video credit to Tania Verbeeck

Early March 2021, a group of us attempted to hike and reach 10 peaks in 4 days, while taking breaks to swim in creeks. It was tougher than expected. Hiking more than 58km, we reached 7 peaks in 2.5 days, but had a lot of fun. Here is a nice video summarising very well the adventure.

Mount Twynam2,196m
Carruthers Peak    
Mount Northcote     2,131m
Muellers Peak         2,120m
Mount Townsend     2,209m
Alice Rawson Peak 2,160m
Mount Kosciuszko   2,228m

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