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Focus on High Grade Gold in a Prime High Grade Location


Torque Metals Ltd (ASX: TOR) is a minerals exploration and development company. The Paris Gold Project (200 km2 of tenements including 9granted mining licences) is located on the Boulder-Lefroy Fault 12km along strike from the highly successful St Ives Gold Mine currently producing 350,000 ounces per annum and having produced in excess of 10 million ounces of gold since the mid-1980s. The mine is operated by Goldfields Ltd (listed on JSE: GFI with a $19 billion market capitalisation).


Torque’s objective is to create value for its shareholders through the exploration, discovery and development of mineral deposits. TOR focus on high grade gold in well-established mineral provinces.

  • TOR is focussed on high grade gold systems along the established Paris-HHH-Observation line of proven prospects.


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