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Strategic Highly Prospective Gold, Copper-Gold and Polymetallic Assets - Minotaur Exploration (ASX: MEP) company profile part 3/3

Minotaur Exploration Ltd (ASX: MEP) is a mineral resource company with a portfolio of exploration and development projects and a 50% interest in a new technology venture.

Eloise JVQldOZL 70%, MEP 30%
Copper-GoldJericho JVQldOZL 80%, MEP 20%
Breena Plains JFQldSFR 100%, OZL/MEP to earn up to 75%
Copper-GoldPeake & DenisonSAMEP 100%
HighlandsQldMEP 100%
GoldPyramidQldMEP 100% (New acquisition)
WindsorQldMEP 100%
Industrial MineralsGreat White Kaolin JVSAADN 51%, MEP 49%
ADN earning 75%

Halloysite Research & Development

Natural Nanotech Pty LtdADN 50%, MEP 50%

Minotaur Exploration Limited is a copper-gold and base metals oriented project generator with a focussed regional approach. Minotaur is actively exploring Iron Oxide Copper Gold (IOCG) and other style targets in South Australia and Queensland, where geophysics can identify sub-surface anomalies prospective for copper-gold mineralisation and other base metals such as lead and zinc. 

  • Active project generator
  • Focus on high value mineral deposits (copper and gold)


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