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Auroch Minerals Ltd (ASX: AOU) company profile

Auroch Minerals Limited (ASX: AOU) is a mineral resource company currently focused on the exploration and development of two massive nickel sulphide deposits located in the prospective Norseman-Wiluna greenstone belt within the Eastern Goldfields of Western Australia.

The key elements of AOU strategy are as follows:

  1. Explore/drill potential strike and down-plunge extensions of existing massive nickel sulphide resources as well as untested new targets.
  2. Progress development studies based on existing or updated mineral resources and leveraging the surrounding processing infrastructure

If successful, the key outcomes are:

  1. High-grade nickel sulphide discoveries 
  2. High grade nickel sulphide resource in Tier-1 jurisdiction
  3. Strategic position in a context of strongly increasing nickel class 1 demand, due to EV technological disruption


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