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4th April 2020 - Corazon Mining Ltd (ASX: CZN) company profile

The key elements of CZN strategy are:

  1. Evaluate development options of mineral resources already delineated
  2. Explore for additional deposits in a promising large magmatic sulphide system

Key outcomes if successful

  1. Rebirth of a significant nickel sulphide production in a tier-1 jurisdiction
  2. Discovery of potentially highly significant nickel mineral resources with large tonnage disseminated sulphide mineralisation

Overall, potential for high value creation in a context of a global nickel sulphide production with limited expansion capacity.

28th March 2020 - COVID-19 impact on base metal prices

This quick analysis shows the impact of COVID-19 on base metal prices in USD, AUD and CAD.

The exchange rate reduces the impact more significantly when Australian dollars are considered rather than Canadian dollars.

26th Feb 2020 - Golden Mile Resources Ltd (ASX: G88) company profile

G88 current objective is to make a gold discovery. 

  1. G88 has assembled some geologically prospective ground holdings in strategic locations
  2. G88 is exploring a number of projects in parallel to maximise the number of drilling targets and chances of success
  3. Exploration programs are optimised to minimise cash burn

Surface image of the historical workings at the Wildcat Prospect showing collar locations of the historical RC percussion drill holes and the AC drill holes completed by Golden Mile. Significant intersections are shown for both RC drill holes (yellow) and the AC drill holes (red).

19th Feb 2020 - BMC Minerals (private) company profile

Within polymetallic deposits, volcanic massive sulphides or VMS typically present the best grades, but can be limited in size and are most often mined underground. The Kudz Ze Kayah project in Yukon has both the size (15.7 Mt ore reserve) and a valuable combination of base and precious metal grades (Zn, Cu, Pb, Ag, Au). Then it is close to surface and amenable to open pit mining. Overall a compelling mining project developed by a premier management team with a successful track record of financing, permitting, building and operating similar projects.

16th Feb 2020 - Blackstone Minerals Ltd (ASX: BSX) company profile

Nothing beats a discovery in terms of share price performance. The King Cobra nickel sulphide mineralisation intersected at Ta Khoa is excellent news for the future of the project.

19th Jan 2020 - Pure Minerals Ltd (ASX: PM1) company profile

Pure Minerals Ltd (ASX: PM1), through its wholly owned subsidiary Queensland Pacific Metals, is focused on developing and implementing innovative processing technologies. PM1 aims to build a new treatment plant near Townsville, Queensland to produce nickel sulphate and cobalt sulphate.


The strategy consists of the following three key elements:

  1. Import quality (1.6% Ni) lateritic ore feed from New Caledonia
  2. Use the DNi ProcessTM to produce a mixed hydroxide precipitate (MHP)
  3. Partner with CSIRO to refine the MHP into nickel sulphate and cobalt sulphate

30th Oct 2019 - Blackstone Minerals Ltd (ASX: BSX) company profile

Blackstone Minerals Ltd (ASX: BSX) is a mineral exploration and development company, which acquired in May 2019 a 90% interest in the Ta Khoa nickel project in Vietnam. The Ta Khoa project includes the Ban Phuc nickel sulphide mine, which successfully operated from 2013 to 2016, when it shut due to low nickel prices (~US$8,000/t).


The strategy consists of the following three key elements:
  1. Delineate a large disseminated sulphide mineral resource
  2. Increase the plant throughput from 450ktpa to 2mtpa
  3. Add a Pressure Oxidation circuit to produce nickel sulphate

Arcadia SC6.5 with 0.33% Fe2O3

Arcadia SC6.1 with 0.52% Fe2O3

Arcadia PT4.2 with 0.08% Fe2O3

14th Sep 2019 - Low Iron Petalite and Spodumene Concentrates

This 2-page note focus on the specifications, rarity and uses of low iron lithium concentrates.

March 2019 - Petalite Characteristics and Market

This 2-page research note focuses on petalite, a lithium mineral used in various industries such as glass and ceramics, tiles, projector lenses and alloys

27th Feb 2019 - Flash Note on Nzuri Copper Ltd (ASX: NZC)

Flash Note produced on the day of the announcement of a cash offer received from Chengtun Mining Group Co. Ltd (a Chinese metals mining, trading and industrial group) to buy all shares of the company at a price of A$0.37 per share valuing the company at A$109.5m.

Chengtun is a major player in the Kolwezi region of the DRC, having recently completed a major new US$150 million SX-EW processing facility with a cobalt hydroxide circuit,which will have many synergies with Nzuri’s flagship Kalongwe Copper-Cobalt Project.


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